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This is the Pioneer Families of South Georgia Home Page. We have data on families of the counties of Cook, Berrien, Lowndes, Tift, Brooks, Green, Dodge, Montgomery, Palaski, Lurens, Marion and a few others. We also have the related families and they cover the US. These Georgia families were from VA, SC, NC and England for the most part.


We also have links to the History Site which contains histories of Kings & Rulers, Western Civilizations, Local Histories, History of Religions, and Family Histories.

At this site we have genealogy for many of the famlies which settled south Georgia. There is the descendants of William Parrish and William Monk. Willam Parrish's great grandson Henry Parrish was the progenitor of most of the Parrishs of south Georgia. Henry Parrish, the Revolutionary War ancestor of the Parrishes of South Georgia and Florida, was born in Spotsylvania, VA., about 1740, a son of Joel Parrish who died there testate in 1791. Henry Parrish, about 1770 married Mary Ann Monk, born 1748, and they had 10 children. Henry Parrish moved to New Hanover County, NC., but whether before or after marriage cannot be determined. He served three years in the NC Continental Line for which he was paid by the State of NC, and also granted bounty land there. Soon after the war he moved to Wilkes County, GA, where he was granted 200 acres of land and also in 1787 bought 92 acres more on the Ogeechee River, from a Benjamin Few ( the signer of the Constitution ?) a few years after he moved to Bulloch County where he lived until his death. His will dated June 23, 1800, was probated June 30, 1800, so he died between those dates. Executors of the will were his wife Mary Ann, John Daughtrey and Jacob Mincy. The will gave his estate to his wife for her lifetime, then to be divided between his 10 children. Note--- Mrs. Florrie Hendry of Adel, was the first descendant of Henry Parrish to become a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution on the record of his service; she became a member in 1949, and is a member of the John Floyd Chapter, and her National Number is 386789. She descends through the son, Henry. From Judge Folks Huxford's "Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia"

We have hundreds of surnames some of which are Alderman, Bennett, Browning, Hall, Griner and many others. Our work has centered on the south Georgia counties of what was once Irwin and Lowndes. These now make up more than a dozen counties. The migration routes of these families alos takes us into Dodge, Laurens, Effingham, Montgomery and many other Georgia counties as well as other states and countries.

We also have have genealogy (family history) for Hancock or Hancocke family from 1525. This Hancock family descended from Thomas Hancock(e) who was born about 1525 in St. Mary Woolnot, London, London, England. One of his descendants, a William Hancock came to America in 1619. He was a member of The Virginia Company Of London which was created by King James I for the purpose of colonizing in America. The first settlement was established at Jamestown in 1607. As an investor in the Virginia Company, William traveled to Jamestown in 1619. He was a member of a group that founded Berkeley Hundred. On 22 March 1622 the settlement was attacked by Indians and William, along with many others, was massacred. Shortly after 1630, three of William's sons came to America. Augustine, Simon and William became prominent planters in Virginia and established a family line that today includes many thousands of their descendants. From Virginia, their descendants migrated throughout the southeastern and Midwestern states and today are living in all parts of the country. Simon Hancock had a son named William, (this line had many Williams and Simons) One ot this William Hancock line moved to Craven Co. North Carolina and then on to Lowndes, Berrian, Colquit and Cook counties of Georgia. Mary Jane Hancock the daughter of Elder Littleton Albritton Hancock married Dempsey Day Taylor. These Hancock's also married into the Joiner, Ivey, Hall, Jones, Dearham, Spencer families to name a few. In This line there is also a Hector Hancock who had a great granddaughter named Elizabeth Hancock who married John Hardison Redd in North Carolina. this family joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and went west with that body. Elizabeth Hancock died 28 Nov 1853 in Spanish Fork, Utah, Ut and was buried 1853 in Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah.

We also have genealogy (family history) for the Peacock family. William Peacock of Virginia is the progenitor of this family. Some of the descendants moved to North Carolina and then on to Georgia. First Washington county then Wilkerson and Dodge.


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